Chris Edwards Landscape Artist

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Original Oil Paintings

Sunshine and Showers

oil on canvas 51 x 76cm

Butterwell Lane

Oil on canvas 76 x 76 cm


oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm

Botallack Tin Mine The Crowns

oil on canvas   35.5 x 91cm      

Beside the Lake

oil on canvas  80 x 100 cm

Cornish Coombe

Oil on canvas 76 x 76cm


Oil on canvas 76 x 76 cm


Oil on Canvas 76 x 76 cm

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Oil on canvas 76 x 76 cm


Kellan Head

Ol on canvas 91 x 61cm

Front over Widemouth Bay

Oil on board 76 x 76 cm


Oil on canvas 80 x 60cm